Takahashi Company Profile 
1. Features

    Our company was originally engaged in the shipbuilding industry in the port of Kesennuma. With the local fishing industry entering the hard times we decided to launch a new business in a different field - applying technologies use in shipbuilding to architecture.     

We involve through planning and production to construction. We create complicated curved steel structures and design and produce complex 3-dimensional structures.

Our original shipbuilding technology is divided into four categories.

  1. Planning Technique
    We design and develop optimum 3-dimensional hull-shaped forms to satisfy the required performance.
  2. Curved Surface Design Technology
    An approximate graphical method is used to make flat patterns from 3-dimensional curved surfaces of the ship's outer shell.
  3. Plate Forming for Shipbuilding
    Advantage is taken of the contractile property of steel to convert flat steel into the required 3-dimensional curved surfaces by use of flame and water.  
  4. Welding Technique
    This is all-position continuous welding conforming to a ship hull's curved surfaces.

    In the architectural field, the tendency is to think planar, i.e. two-dimensionally. In contrast, shipbuilders think in three-dimensions bringing novelty and originality to the construction sector. As buildings are solid fixtures, architects normally seek expression in terms of north, south, east and west. On the other hand, the movement of ships can be expressed in 3-dimensional positional coordinates as ships on the seas are free-moving objects. Generally it is impossible for carpenters with experience of only working on the land to construct a ship. In contrast, shipbuilders can build both houses and ships. Therefore, we are able to find solutions for problems which present difficulties for traditional architects. We see things from a different perspective because our fundamental guiding principle is to develop ideas and solutions drawing on our experiences as shipbuilders. Our goal is to contribute to society and develop an environment which ensures our children can realize their dreams and hopes. 

2. Management Principles
  • To produce creative and inspiring works from a fusion of the benefits of shipbuilding technology.
  • To put our heart and soul into our production in order to contribute to the prosperity of a society rich in creativity.
  • To respect individuality and by working hard consistently be a member of society empathising with other people’s dreams and hopes.

3. Business Overview

Company Takahashi Kogyo Co., Ltd
President Kazushi Takahashi
Head Office / Factory 38-4, Uchinuma, Hajikami, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi-ken, 988-0247, Japan
     Tel: 81-226(27)3943/ Fax: 81-226(27)4613
Established 10/ 06/ 1985
Capital Stock 20,000,000 Yen (approx. $200,000)
No. of Employees 10 
Banking Relationship Kesennuma Shinkin Bank、77Bank
Registered Products/ Service Coverage  
JIS Q9001:2000/ISO9001:2000
Metallic Structure、Steel Construction、Incineration Equipment, Metal Tank Design/ Production/ Setting.
Building Operations、Engineering Work Design/ Construction Practice.
Construction Licenses Miyagi Prefecture Governor License (soil, construction, steel) and 17 other categories.
Business Items Design and building metal constructions created from a fusion of shipbuilding technology and traditional architecture; water gate facility fortification (aluminium alloy, stainless); ship construction; restoration of equipped ship (Steel, aluminium alloy); metal plants; can manufacturing; pipe laying work; general architecture and civil engineering work.
4. History 
Jun-85 For the purpose of ship structure repair and steel building construction work, Takahashi Kogyo established with 3,000,000 Yen (approx. $30,000) capital.
Oct-89 New Factory established in Hajikami, Kesennuma-shi.
Mar-91 With a view to moving to working on land, expansion of the plant and processing equipment.
Dec-96 Main office and factory moved to Kesennuma factory.
Jan-97 Capital increased to 10,000,000 Yen (approx. $100,000).
Jul-00 Organization changed to a Limited Company and capital increased to 15, 000,000 Yen (approx. $150,000).
Jan-01 ISO9001 certification acquired.
Oct-01 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certification for steel structure fabrication (M Grade).
May-07 Ginza Office established in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Feb-8 Capital increased to 20,000,000 Yen (approx. $200,000).
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